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Hello World

Here I am

# Hello world!

This is my first post on this website, and I’ve created it to share my knowledge with the internet. Prior to now, I haven’t had much of an online presence, but today I’m changing that. I’m a software developer from Hungary who is passionate about skilled development and mastery of tools.

My primary focus is on Rust, as I find it well-suited for the projects I work on. Additionally, I use Linux on a daily basis and utilize Nix to package, test, and develop my software. To ensure privacy and security, I also use privacy-respecting frontends to consume content. Furthermore, I prefer to communicate via Matrix and Mumble, as they are the most ideal communication protocols available.

I will try to post in three languages: English, Hungarian, and French. English and Hungarian are languages I speak fluently, but I’m still learning French, so I will be translating them using my own custom AI model. Please note that the translations may not be entirely accurate.

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