About me

# About me

Hi there. I see you somehow stumbled across my site.

I’m 2005 (401*5=2005) a highschool software developer & tester student from Hungary.
I do and like all kinds of things but out of many the following is worth mentioning:

  • System administration
    • I manage 4 of my servers in my Homelab. I run all kinds of services both for myself and you out there.
      I mainly use NixOs and configure services in Nix, but in the past I mainly used docker-compose and alpine linux to carry out my deployments.
  • Software development
    • I learn C# and PHP in school which I almost never use.
      I mainly develop in Rust as I find it fitting for every purpose out there.
      But I also know Java, C#, Vue, Python and some PHP
  • Privacy & open-source advocate

I created this site to share some of my guides with people.
I also plan on making videos in the future but finals make it impossible as of now.

# Why 4o1x5?

I have no idea why I choose this nickname, I guess I wanted something unique.
It’s my birth year. You can just call me 2005.

# Internet contribution

I try my best to contribute the most to the public, as I feel like sharing my knowledge with others is good for my skills even If I get no reward in the end.
I got a few project cooking right now, tho I have no idea if they’ll ever be done.

# Gaming

I play a lot of games in my free time, mostly survival, adventure games. Some PvE too.
You might catch me streaming on my site. You are welcome to watch, maybe even if I offer nothing interesting to watch. Some of these include: Warframe, Minecraft, CS 1.6, Overwatch, Orcs must die 3 and so on…

Also here is a picture of my cat

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